KubeSphere DevOps offers end-to-end workflow and integrates popular CI/CD tools to boost delivery.

KubeSphere DevOps provides CI/CD pipeline based on Jenkins, and offers automated workflows including binary-to-image (B2I) and source-to-image (S2I), helps organizations accelerate time to market for their product.


Automatically Checkout Code, Test, Analyse, Build, Deploy and Release

  • Out-of-box CI/CD Pipeline

    • Easy to integrate with your SCM, supporting GitLab / GitHub / BitBucket / SVN
    • Design a graphical editing panel to create CI/CD pipelines, without writing Jenkinsfile
    • Integrate SonarQube to implement source code quality analysis
    • Support dependency cache to accelerate build and deployment
    • Provide dynamic build agents to automatically spin up Pods as necessary
    Out-of-box CI/CD Pipeline
  • Built-in Automated Toolkits

    • Source to Image builds reproducible container images from source code without writing dockerfile
    • Binary-to-image is the bridge between your artifact and a runnable image
    • Support automatically building and pushing images to any registry, and finally deploy them to Kubernetes
    • Provide excellent recoverability and flexibility as you can rebuild and rerun S2I / B2I whenever a patch is needed
    Built-in Automated Toolkits
  • Use GitOps to implement DevOps, not just culture

    • Combine Git with Kubernetes’ convergence, and automates the cloud native Apps delivery
    • Designed for teams, offer built-in multitenancy in DevOps project
    • Liable to be observable, provide dynamic logs for the S2I / B2I build and pipeline
    • Provide audit, alert and notification in pipeline, ensuring issues can be quickly located and solved
    • Support adding Git SCM webhooks to trigger a Jenkins build when new commits are submitted to the branch
    Use GitOps to implement DevOps, not just culture
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